Friday, March 22, 2013

HotShots Coffee & Tea 1300-888-138, Solaris Dutamas

I visited HotShots on one weekday afternoon in January before I was invited for this review.
I still accept the invitation as I wanted to try more stuffs from them :)

The photogenic spot in the cafe.
That was still in Christmas mood in January, hence the x'mas decor.

Coffee brewing area.

They sell many types of coffee machines other than roasted coffee beans.

It surprised me when I was served this brownies set along with juice and ice cream, not forgetting the generous amount of fresh strawberries.
The brownies was made from Swiss and Belgian chocolate which, I guess, brings the sweet taste to it.

Well, it's quite good, but I still prefer dark chocolate with bitter taste. :)

On the other side of the showroom cum cafe, there's their tea collection by teapigs.
No worry, no pigs were harmed in the making. ;P
Teapigs is here to make sure you get the quality teas that deserve to be appreciated.

We got to try super fruit.
The red colour is contributed by the hibiscus content in the tea, I believe.
It makes a refreshing drink with the nice aroma of berries.
Plus, it's naturally caffeine free.

The barista showed us the making of espresso shots.
And we got the aroma, ahh~nice smell!

Some biscuits on the island counter, also the serving and seating area in the cafe.

This is seriously hot chocolate, seriously!
Served with fresh strawberries, boudoir & marshmallows, so don't worry if you're not into coffee, there's something else good for you too.

Here's something for waffle fans, Belgian Waffles topped with fresh strawberries, seriously rich hot chocolate and premium butterscotch syrup.
A very premium set, indeed.

They named it 'rush hour' sandwich for your precious lunch hour bites. :)
It does look good with the colourful salad!
Not only good looking, but it's a healthy and well-balanced meal as well.
(ops, orange juice was hid behind the big stack of sandwich)

For those who fancy cold beverages, here are iced latte (front) and iced americano (back).
I don't normally take cold drinks, but here my personal preference would be iced americano. :)
Just the original taste from the Brazilian coffee bean, full-bodied and smooth.

Strawberry pavlola handmade ice cream.
Perfect for ice cream fan.

Caramel affogato.
The ice cream was still a little too sweet for me (me no sweet tooth ma) despite mixing with the strong bitter taste from espresso. However the salty taste from the caramel did bring some excitement to it.

Noticed something is missing?

Well, how could I not have my cup of coffee throughout the session, right?

Here's my cappuccino.
A lovely one. :)

Thanks to Ivy from FOOD for the invitation and Pooi Ling of HotShots for receiving us so warmly.
It was a good caffeine (& non-caffeine) and dessert session on a rather warm Saturday evening. :)

HotShots Coffee & Tea 1300-888-138
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-300-88-8138

Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 18:00


  1. Replies
    1. They are still short of manpower, hence the operating hour only during weekdays.
      But I believe they are trying their best to sort this out soon. :)

  2. is working hour~ hahaha
    i should have try it out during my un-working holiday :P

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