Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cozy in the Rocket, Beach street Penang

We were walking along Beach Street on the day we came to Penang for the Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage celebration, we noticed this new cafe opposite ChinaHouse.

At second glance, hmm, it looks like Amelie Cafe la.
We decided to go in to check out since it's a good time for teatime. :)

Once we saw the couple owners, we knew we were right.
I found out from the lady owner that they had just moved here and Amelie Cafe is a history then.

Now, it's La Cucina (sorry I mistaken that as their name! which means kitchen) Cozy in the Rocket.

A good start for them indeed, as too many negative reviews (there're good ones too though) of Amelie.
Now that they are bigger and better, they seem to be friendlier too.
Must be the spaciousness that helps (I thought :P).

The cafe is still heavily self-decorated look, which is nice.

 Coffee beans from espressolab spotted.

Walnut & banana cake with vanilla ice cream. RM12.
The cake is yummy!

 A nice corner with a table for two.

The outdoor seats.

*Photos below were taken with film camera, Kodak gold 200.

Cappuccino, RM10;
Passion fruit & banana lassi (if not mistaken it's RM10) made to order, as they used fruits that were available in the cafe.

 Nice table with lovely flowers.

Cozy in the Rocket
No. 262&264, Beach Street,
Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: +6012 496 7838 
Daily, 10am-5pm (including public holiday); Closed on Mondays. 


  1. Finally! I am not sure of their new name, forgot to ask. Anyway, seems they are friendlier now (photography friendlier?)and I must say their dessert's awesome.

    1. Hmm I doubt it now. Actually La cucina is what we saw from the wooden signage outside, which means 'kitchen'.

      Yes can take photos, but what I mean is they (in person) are friendly. :)

    2. Ah! So the name is actually "Cozy in the Rocket", not La Cucina.
      Apology of my mistake. :I

  2. I was walking up and down Beach Street looking for this cafe, googled "La Cucina", and found your post. Your pictures helped me finally find the storefront. Your film photos off the place are lovely, by the way. It was an excellent meal.

    1. Hi Michele,
      Ah, glad that my post helps. :)
      Thanks for the compliment, happy for you too that you enjoyed the food.

  3. The services were really "shit"... Have heard about this cafe before and drop by during my visit, but full of dissatisfaction & disappointed!!!!

    1. Hi Evangeline,
      When did you visit? What happen? So sorry to hear that.
      Mine was ok during chinese new year.

    2. Hmmm.... Well, if you can understand mandarin, this was what happened..
















      8.在出门的那一瞬间,在玻璃门上看到了:"minimum one order per


      P/s: The visit just recently..

    3. So sorry to know about your unpleasant encounter at the cafe. Perhaps they are over protective of their creation and principle.
      I heard a lot of negative comments of their previous outlet, thought that they will improve.
      Sad to know that cos it is indeed a nice place for nice food.

  4. I went on last weekend. Cozy? Yes. Food? Ok but it is overprice! Service? Totally sucks!!! Conclusion, all the good things will bcome bad after u paid so much and get sucks service.

    1. Hi, that's sad right? Looks like you're not alone in encountering the bad experience there. I guess I was lucky to have good moment there.

      I hope they can quickly learn about these and get over it before it's getting worse.

  5. I visited this cafe today with FULL of disappointment. When i first step in this cafe, the waiter is asking us to order from the counter and of course no issues about it.
    After we made our orders (two coffees and two spaghetti), we straight went back to our tables and wait for our food.

    After 10 min, there are two group (2 pax and 5 pax) of people coming and make their orders at the counter as usual. At the same time, Our orders- 2 coffee have been served while we taking some photo in the cafe.

    After waiting for 40 mins, our food still does not served while the other two groups are happy enjoying their spaghetti. Then i approached the waiter for the 1st time ask for my 2 spaghetti , the staff told me that the other two group of customers are ordering carbonara which is easier to prepare so I need to wait a bit longer since Spaghetti Aglio is taking longer time to prepare. Although i may not accept what he is answer but i dont mind to wait for a while.

    After 25 min later, I saw the waiter is serving a spaghetti Aglio (Which the same spaghetti that I ordered) to one of the two groups (5pax) that coming in later than us.

    I've approved the waiter for the 2nd time again at the counter to ask for my spaghetti. He told me that they might made some mistake and he will check again. Then I went back to my table and continue to wait.....

    After waiting for another 15 min, the food is still not been served so i've decided to cancel my orders. When i talk to the staff (guy) about the cancellation at the counter, a skinny Chinese lady approached me and keep on saying that they are in the progress of preparing it. Since i have waited for so long (total 80 mins), i just told her that i would like to go now due to time constraint (need to visit other places).

    The worse part- Once i have made the cancellation and walking back to my table for the bill, the Chinese lady YELL to the cook in hokkien "Mein Zo Liao" Stop cook for the food. which she purposely want me to hear about her anger. I believed that every in house guests are able to hear the yelling. I was so surprise with this attitude as i dont think i did anything wrong for cancelling my orders (after waited for 80 min).

    Full of disappointment and dissatisfied with this kind services. Although the coffee is nice, but I definitely will not visit this cafe again in future...

    1. Hi Wai Loon,

      Thanks for willing to leave comment here to let many know about this matter. I was lucky to enjoy my meal there early this year, I think.

      I'll try to arrange another visit to 'experience' that, also I've yet to try their spaghetti. Wish me luck! ;D