Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Carpenter's Daughter Artisan Bakery & Cafe 2nd visit

I planned (in heart) to have lunch here when I knew I had a site meeting in Subang that morning. ;)
(it's not often I can go to Subang)

Anyway, me and MS needed a place to have lunch as well as to have discussion after the meeting, so I suggested here, and here we were.

I had set lunch for RM19.90. Here's my minestrone soup, and mushroom soup for MS.
Bread for both of us.

My carbonara al-funghi.
Nice, I cleared all. :)

I would not leave without buying their bread, of course. :)
So I got ciabata, RM6.90.
Luckily I managed to get unsliced bread loaf as they were slicing most of the loaves then.

The lovely ciabata with olives inside.

My quick bite with cheese, fresh vege and sesame sauce, that's it.

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