Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Elephant+ (II)

Chenyee never tried My Elephant while I did for 3 times already.
So we 3 sisters were there for dinner on a weekend and thought it was a good idea to have hot & spicy Thai food on a rainy night.

We had popiah sod pomelo to bite first. RM15.
Nice small bite loaded with vege inside the shiny transparent popiah skin.
Stir-fried paku, RM15. 
Look at the green. Freshness confirmed.

Tom ka, RM12.
This soup was supposed to come with chicken meat, but we requested for meatless one and luckily they obliged.
How you don't love hot soup on a cooling night?

Steam tofu, RM15.
The sauce was salty to balance up with the plain tofu, and it's good to go plain white rice too -in this case it's brown rice. :)
I think that's baked bean sauce, but my sis thought it's soy bean paste (taucu).

Another pleasant dining experience at My Elephant + @Aman Suria Damansara for the good food and great service. :)

My previous visit last November.


  1. This tom it supposed to appear creamy white colour?

    1. Yes, it is so because of coconut milk and chilli instead of chilli paste.