Sunday, April 7, 2013

RAW Coffee, Jalan Ampang (2 visits)

This was a spontaneous date with the girls.
We were chatting on and off on Whatsapp on Saturday morning. One was getting ready to go to city centre, one was supposed to have a lunch date with other friends but canceled at last minute. Another one, which is me, was on the way back after a meeting and contemplating on whether to eat out or go home.

In the end, the 3 girls met at one place and went into the city in one car. :)

After a short walk in KLCC, we walked to RAW coffee (Real And Wholesome) in Wisma Equity, just opposite to KLCC from Jalan Ampang side.

Our coffee fix- one cappuccino and one flat white.

The other girl is not a coffee person ordered organic tea by Sonnentor.

My mushroom & thyme penne with side salad.
Simple and wholesome!

Rosti pancake served with sunny free range egg, field mushroom & house-made balsamic ketchup looking good!

I didn't know that they serve rosti. Then only I found out it's in the all-day breakfast menu.

Rosti pancake with creamy thyme mushrooms made creamy cashew, soy & lemon sauce.

Everything we had, also with fun chat and laughter that doesn't show in the photo. ;)

My another visit on the following week was during a weekday when I went to KL Convention Centre for an exhibition.

I had Rwanda BUF, RM15.
This was the first time I had my coffee made with aeropress.
The barista made it within 90 seconds.

It has a very clear and bright taste. Nice. :)

Finally I had the rosti too!
This is spinach rosti, RM13.
I asked them how many potato I'm eating, haha.
The rosti was good, and I love spinach. Although this was a bit too salty, but I'm ok with it.

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  1. I guess that's a light roast Rwanda, fruity?

    1. I think I was told it's medium roast.
      I didn't really get any fruity taste, nor nutty flavour as the barista thought. I guess I'm not sensitive enough to it, yet. :)