Thursday, November 7, 2013

Okonomiyaki @ちょば ちょば Choba Choba

I didn't know where to have my dinner on my first night in Kyoto.
I went back to Anteroom after visiting Kamogawa (鸭川) and 'ransacked' the room to find surprises. Hehe.

So I found a list of eating places nearby Anteroom prepared by the hotel. So nice.
Then I saw a restaurant within walking distance from Anteroom serving okonomiyaki.
Ok, I'll just go for this, I thought.

It was a little shop with a few tables and an L-shape of bar counter.
I ordered my meal with my clumsy Japanese.

The boss was very friendly.
I tried to communicate with him despite our language barrier.
We talked about our respective country, food and the tv programme showing on his tv hanging above.
He even gave me a sushi keychain as souvenir when I left. :)

Ohya, his okonomiyaki was good!

I didn't take any photo of the shop.
This is what I captured from google map.

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  1. This would be my next to try Japanese delicacy.