Friday, January 10, 2014

Organic Babel Cafe, Osaka

This was a surprise finding in Osaka.
We were walking along the street without any anticipation when KH saw a florist shop and stopped to see the pretty flowers.
Then I saw this cafe right next to it.

It looked like a cute cafe worth visiting, organic somemore!
I was so excited that I asked KH that could we go in I could treat her haha~

We were greeted by a sweet young lady after we pressed the door bell.
It was indeed a cute and heart warming cafe.

We had some difficulty in ordering as they don't have English menu that I need to squeeze my eyes so hard to read the menu all in Japanese.
Luckily the one who served us was very patient and sweet enough to take time to communicate with me.

So here's what we had.

 My adventurous try on tofu & mushroom coffee, which was...weird.
I help KH to order chai latte.
The dessert we had were all raw and sweet.
The sweetness was very much adored by dear KH. I'm not a fan but it was penetrated by my coffee, so it's fine.

We had to take off shoes at the entrance and we were given indoor slippers.
Very homey, indeed. We enjoyed our moment there.

(Kita-ku, Naniwacho)
Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 532-0022

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