Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nordic Bakery, London

Nordic Bakery is my nearest Scandinavian dream so far. :)

I came to Dorset St outlet on my first day arriving in London, it was 15minutes to 6pm and they closed at 6pm.
So I tried again on the 3rd day.

It wasn't my lucky day as the famous cinnamon bun had already sold out.
I had raspberry & blueberry oatbake instead.
It was quite filling and tasted good too. But my aim is still the cinnamon bun. ;)

Of course I won't give up since I still had a few days in London.
So I went again after a few days, I did take-away.
It was gooooood~

So I came AGAIN before I left for Paris. hehe.

Well well, I love this place!
And the blue colour~
I was about to bring back the recipe book too but I didn't want to burden myself with the load, so I thought if I still keen I shall buy it online.

48 Dorset Street
London W1U 7NE 

Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm
Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays 9am – 6pm 

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