Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Juice fasting

I've completed the 4-days juice fasting last month.
I'd no confident to do that when both of my sisters did that.

No solid food for 4 days? You must be kidding me, I thought.

8 bottles of juices (apple, carrot, sauerkraut and vegetables 2 bottles each), prune puree, flaxmeal and ginger tea for 4 days. Not forgetting 2 days before and after for pre-fast and post-fast.

I'm happy that I passed! And I feel good after completing that.
I'm always energetic and able to rise earlier in the morning.
I feel like having a new body and I appreciate it, so I skip junk food and processed food.
I try my best to have meatless meal.

And also I had raw food class as soon as I'd gone through my fasting. I learned how to eat well and make fermented food, which contains probiotic and is good for our gut.

I hope to maintain my passion and good habit. :)
Maybe I will try to do 1-2days fasting monthly.

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