Sunday, September 12, 2010

I grew up with bread

I had bread for breakfast since young, and also 'tapao' (as in Chinese speaking of take-away) to school almost everyday.
Here's the long story. And including a joke too.

We used to buy roti (as bread in Bahasa Malaysia) from an Indian uncle selling roti and titbits in a motorcycle. He will come to our neighbourhood at about 8-9pm almost every night.
I'm sure those people who stays in small town will be quite familiar with this.

Sometimes I'll bring bread to kindergarten in Tupperware brand container in different shapes. 
(Yes, I've had round one, square one and also triangle one. =D )

On my first schooling day in Standard 1, I wasn't given with any bread by my mom. ( I supposed she'd forgotten to prepare.)
Then my dad who sent me to school gave me a RM1 note to buy food in the canteen during recess time.

I'd never buy anything on my own by then, so I didn't know how to use the money, really.
But since everyone was heading to the canteen, I might as well follow, I thought.
Maybe I wasn't hungry, or maybe I was happy seeing a lot of titbits selling on rack, I quickly grab a packet of Mamee. Then I asked the aunty 'how much it costs' in mandarin.
"20 cents," she said.
Then I realized I have only RM1 note, but with no 20cents coin.
I thought I couldn't buy it.
Then I saw a girl who's sitting opposite me in the class standing near to me. We talked a bit in the class earlier. So I walked to her and asked, "can you please lend me 20cents?" And she's happy to hand me a 20cents coin.
So I paid the aunty, and walked away with Mamee happily.

Funny, huh?

I was laughed by my friends whenever I told them the story. haha~

So when I went home that day, I told my mom I borrowed 20cents from a friend to buy Mamee to eat.
I don't remember what's her reaction, but she gave a 20cents to return to the friend. And she made me bring bread to school EVERYDAY. And this custom followed until I finished my secondary school.

"Won't you get sick of it?" Sometimes I'll get this kind of question.
Yes, I did when I got just plain white bread with butter. Sometimes when I had anything else but bread, I'll be excited for recess time to come.

But I'm now got to choose what I wanna eat, I still love bread and I still eat bread.
I think it's a part of my life already. =)

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