Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wholemeal baguette + jam from O Gourmet

After our lunch, we walked around to check out what's new in the mall.
I enjoy browsing in O Gourmet at ground floor, seeing all those nice-to-see-nice-to-eat stuffs.
They have chocolates, coffee and tea, cheese, fresh vegetables and meat, breads, etc.

I will always visit the bakery whenever I see one, especially those selling fresh-from-oven kind of bread.
Apart from fresh loafs, O Gourmet also sells jams.

I bought this wholemeal baguette for RM5.30.
It's crispy at outside but the inner texture is soft, and it has nice buttery smell. 
So fresh~

I also bought Wilkin & Sons' orange marmalade jam.
It's a tiny one, 28g for RM2.50.
It's just for sampling, see if there's anything magical.
But I find it just like any other orange marmalade, nothing to shout about.

That Sunday evening, we had the wholemeal baguette in Italian way at home, dipping into olive oil and vinegar.

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