Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wild blueberry jam & baguette

I bought St Dalfour's jam for the first time.
Usually I will read the ingredient first before I purchase.
For jam, I won't buy those with sugar as the main and first in ingredient list.
I always love blueberry, so it's the first thing that attracted me.
It's written on the lable "no additional sugar other than naturally present in the fruit".
Great! I quickly grab it. I think it's worth to pay RM8.99 for this.

And look at the blueberries on my baguette!
It's so rich that I have to poke the berries to get the juice~ XD

It's obvious enough to know that this baguette is from Giant supermarket.
It's quite hard and heavy, but we thought it's normal for a baguette.

But then, even I ate it with jam, it's still very dry and the texture is rougher than normal wholemeal bread.
I bought it on Sunday night, and this morning, chenyee spotted mould grown on it already.
I wonder if this is good or bad, as maybe it shows that they didn't put much preservative in their bread.

However, for some reasons, breads made in different outlets won't assure the same quality.
Although they might have the same recipes.
Like my mom said their french baguette in certain outlets is the best, but when I had potato bun from Giant Sg Wang, it was one of the worst bread experiences in my life.

So what makes the difference?
Chef? Machine? Or environment?
Or maybe all of them. ;)

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