Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Invited review: Chef Lim Organic Kitchen

I'm quite into organic stuff since my sis works for an organic lifestyle company 2 years ago.
All the while I've been on less-meat-more-vege diet, now I'm even more conscious by eating/cooking the organic way at home.

So when I was invited by Ivy for this review, I was naturally excited for that I can sample more organic food.

It's already a mindset (at least for me) for vegetarian/ organic restaurant is normally small and with minimal interior renovation.
Chef Lim Organic Kitchen is furnished with almost all white furniture and also brightly lit, quite a difference from the others with its spacious interior.
Click on the photo above to read on their concept.
Some important points are that they do not serve the five pungent spices and egg, which is a good news to strict vegetarians.

They serve a variety of food ranged from Japanese to Western style.

First up was Cukawamee (RM6.90) served as entrée or snack before meal.
It was a refreshing one, I like the texture of the seaweed with a bit of crunchiness.
Mind you that the green colour came out after being soaked in sugar syrup when they're imported in from Taiwan.

 We were served with Fruit Tea (Large) RM17.90. With fresh cut fruits like apple, orange and mango added with honey to taste, it's a refreshing and healthy drink already.

We had brown rice (RM2.00 per bowl) instead of normal white rice. You know, it's healthier.

 Golden Beancurd (Large for RM18.90), beancurd that mixed with pumpkin, and ridge gourd as the main ingredient. Pumpkin gives a hint of sweetness to the dish.
 Mushroom is always a popular ingredient in meatless meal, also when it comes to organic ones.
Therefore we were served Basil Leaf Mushroom (Large for RM18.90).
Coconut Tomyam (RM17.90)
My favourite of all dishes served!
I've never thought coconut flesh could blend with tomyam so nicely, and also must be the fresh coconut water as the soup base that brings out all the fragrance.
Thumb up!
 Yam Basket (RM18.90) is also a popular dish in Chinese cuisine.
The assorted vegetables and cashew nuts were filled into the yam made basket, it's best served hot.
With the crispy outer layer combining softness of the steamed yam, who could resist this wonderful food?

 Kapitan Fish (Small for RM14.90), another favourite of mine!
(by now you should sense that I favour spicy food, no?)
A good one to serve with rice, yum!
 I didn't ask for what pizza is this until I took a bite of it and realized there's....apple?
I was quite sure that's apple slice hiding between cheese and crust.
So when I asked for clarification from the chef, here's the answer - Fruit Pizza (RM19.90).
 Classic Cabonara RM14.90.
Another western style individual meal if you do not wish to go for a la carte.

 Did I mention that they are meatless too?
So here's Grill Beef Steak (RM22.90), which is, of course, not the real meat.
 You couldn't go wrong with Lo Han Chai (Large for RM19.90) if you're a vege lover.

 Herbal Mushroom Soup (Large for RM18.90).
Normally people tends to think that soup without meat is less in flavour.
But this is not happening to this soup that brings out the fragrance of herbs and also the sweetness from mushroom, Chinese dates and wolfberries.

Kam Heong Mushroom (Large of RM18.90).
I love the aroma of curry leaves.
But one thing was we had a hard time to guess the fried thing in the dish.
Onion? Beancurd? Until we had the answer from the chef.
So it was shredded oyster mushroom! 

 Another pizza to choose other than Fruit pizza.
Hawaiian Pizza RM21.90.

That's not all.
How can you end a pleasant dinner without dessert? :)
So here's the mango pudding (RM5.90).
It's eggless and dairy-free.
A refreshing one with the sweetness from mango itself and the smooth texture of the pudding.

Thanks to Ivy and Chef Lim Organic Kitchen for the invitation.

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49, The Scott Garden,
4 1/2 Miles, Jalan Klang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur 

T : +603 7982 3395
M: +6017 653 4565
F : +603 7982 0433


  1. Seem so nice.. especially the fruit pizza!

    1. yup, the pizza was quite nice. great effort from them :)