Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday breakfast @Departure Lounge

This was the Sunday after my birthday last month, when Ms Chew met me over breakfast.
I rarely eat out for breakfast, but there's occasion when I'm happy to gather with friends and family like this.

We chose to come to Departure Lounge at Uptown as I was drooling over the breakfast menu since then.

What a lovely Sunday~

 My cappuccino.
To be frank, I didn't find the coffee very much to my liking.
I thought I could have a great one as they won Malaysia Barista Champion not too long ago.

N's sandwich.

 Ms Chew's cappuccino with different latte art, and N's tea as he doesn't favour coffee.

 Ms chew's Do-It-Yourway breakfast.
Looking great!

My mushroom cheese ciabata.
I always love mushroom!

Sunday is such a popular day for brunch, as the crowd in the cafe was getting bigger when approaching noon time, and there's even someone waiting for our table.
We thought that we could sit for longer time to chit-chat after finishing our food, but we felt not really comfortable having people longing for our table, so we left.

Ms Chew got me this - tea cup from Material!

Thanks, I love it!

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