Tuesday, August 6, 2013

LOKL 2nd visit

It was a stressed week for me.
Lucky or not, that Friday was a public holiday for Selangor.
Although I still had to attend a meeting in KL on that morning, but knowing that I would be having a lunch gathering with dear friends did help a lot.

When this salad came, we responded unanimously "so small portion?!" Haha!

 Americano for myself. A good one.

Both KL and I had this hainanese meat loaf. Not pork but chicken.
 The portion is not big as well.
It's not oily and a bit crunchy outside. The sauce was a good match with it.

 Michelle had the today's meal -beef burger.

 Yeah, we still had loads of space for dessert.
Both were good, a little bit too sweet for me though.

Here's my previous visit.


  1. We have been thinking of visiting LOKL since a long time ago.... hehehe

    1. haha, me too took about a year to visit finally.