Friday, September 6, 2013

Invited review: Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝

First of all, congratulations to Jeffrey and friends on the opening of this steamboat restaurant.

For your info, Dian Huo Xin Wo will also serve dim sum soon.
Hence the combination of the name-dian xin 点心 means dim sum, and huo wo 火锅(窝) is steamboat.

I love this herbal tea, with real stuff huh. ;)

The in-house chili paste, spiciness confirmed.

Some appetizer to warm up: tong sam century egg (RM4.50) and fried salmon skin (RM6).

Assorted made in-house meatballs, such a feast right?
There are golden york pork ball, squid ball, quill egg chicken ball and mushroom pork ball, to name a few.
Our favourite was the golden york (left end) for its uniqueness and of course, sedap la.

Fresh prawns (RM15) for the shrimp fans, with the paste (虾膏) somemore.

The boss showing us how to eat sea cucumber meat (with style, ahem). RM12.
Dipping into the boiling soup for 5 seconds, as recommended by them, for the springy and slightly raw bite. But for us, we prefer cooked version to kill the fishy taste, also will make it crispier.

Ah, of course, the soup! This is black chicken herbal soup (RM22), only serve in one whole pot (not available for half pot) as they put in half chicken to cook.

Mongolian lamb, RM25.
I didn't eat this, but some of us describing the taste brought the image of the running lambs on the big Mongolian land, lol. You might need to try yourself to proof that, perhaps. ;)

 American Wagyu beef, RM36.

Sliced pork loin, RM16.
One of our favourite on the table.

 Australian Snowflake sliced beef, RM18.
I have no idea how does it taste, but my gang thought it was good, even better than Wagyu beef!

Grouper fish head.

Brown beech mushroom (RM6) to balance our meaty feast.
At the background: sliced chicken (RM12) and spinach (RM5).
 White cabbage and tofu.

We also had the clear tom yam (left) and pork oriental soup combo (RM18).
*also available in one whole pot for RM18 each.

I love the tomyam soup cooking with real ingredient and not the paste!
Don't be deceived by its innocently clear broth, it's spicy to even me the-spicy-food-lover.
For the pork soup, it comes with one big bone inside. 
I mixed both the soups in my bowl for the flavour and also to make the tomyam less spicy, haha!

19, Jalan SS4d/2, 
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 7887 4557 / 012 296 3886

Tues-Sun 5pm-11pm