Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sonnentor Real Food, Straits Quay Penang

I'm always glad to know someone is willing to take the challenge to start organic food business.

Now, this one is in Penang.

Who are they and why are they doing this?
Read on here.

The counter and the kitchen behind it, as well as the friendly people.

Books and organic colouring materials for sale.

The menu, also explaining why are they doing this.

We had vegan ice cream -hazelnut chocolate and matcha flavour. RM11 per scoop.
That was spinach, carrot & apple juice in the background. No sugar added.
Pumpkin pancake with fruits and honey. RM24.80.
I've never thought of using pumpkin to make pancake! And I love it~
However, Fy tried the banana pancake on the day before, she prefer banana one.

When they sent over the burger, the look scared me a little.
It really looked like beef a lot!
It's actually beet & millet burger (RM32.80), so the red was from beetroot. *Phew*
That was dehydrated raw vegetables at side. The nutrient in the vege will still remain after dehydrating.

Pizza fritta (RM18.80).
Oh we love the crust so much!

Latte for chenyee and cappuccino for me. Both in soymilk, RM12 each.

Fried spring roll, RM8.

Mushroom soup, RM22.80.
The presentation is lovely, looks like a boat sailing in a lake.
The taste was fine, but we hope for more mushroom bits to bite.

Truly healthy and delicious food under one roof although the price is on the higher side.
But it's worth the money for good food like this.

Eating to be healthier, not to burden your body.

Lot/Unit No 3A-G-13D Block A,
Ground floor, Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjong Tokong
Penang 10470


  1. Wah, so expensive, RM11 for the ice cream and 22.80 for the soup! o.O

    1. it's indeed pricey, but for the quality of the food (as per all organic) it's worthy la.
      Provided that you know how not easy to get your food the organic way. :)