Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coffee Societe, Publika

I tried Coffee Societe before.
The aglio olio I had wasn't great at all.

Seriously, we came because we didn't know where else (that we're interested) to try in Publika.

The mains are quite limited, so we had more desserts.
First up was the popular one -red velvet (RM12/slice).
I guess so la, as I saw 2 big whole cakes at the display.

It was good! Not too dry and not too sweet.

Potato wedges (RM8) to munch.

Some vintage display at the entrance.

Here's the feast for the eye: Creme brulee. 
It costs us RM19 for this piece of art, I was like "what?" but lucky it was yummy.
However, I won't order this again. Lol.

Smoked salmon bagel (RM20) was the only main we ordered that night.

Our usual order:
(from top: soymilk latte, mocha and soymilk cappuccino).

I'm not into latte art, but seeing this cute face still makes me feel warmed.


  1. I haven't been Coffee Societe yet. We were there one of the weekend, but it was too packed, at the end we went somewhere else.

  2. Yeah they are always quite packed. We were lucky as we found the only table available when we reached.