Thursday, September 12, 2013

Raisin scone by White Brick Oven

My first scone experience wasn't good at all.
I think it's not fresh anymore.
That made me a little reluctant to try scone again.

When I got the chance to try other scones from various bakeries, I thought they were all better.
But great? I wasn't sure.

Chenyee kept on telling me this organic raisin scones by White Brick Oven is the best she ever had.
Ok. But I never had a chance to try as one needs to travel to a quite remoted corner of Sg Buloh to get them.

So when she brought some from her office, she was like showing me present from Santa with a grin on her face.

She reheated the scones in the oven for breakfast on the next morning.
And yes, she's right, it was delicious!
That first bite already push its name to the top of the list for the best scone. :)


  1. Only available at Sungai Buloh?

    1. Justlife has the other bread types which have to be vegan/dairy-free.
      Not sure if other place like Jason's in BSC has it.

      Sg Buloh one is the home of the baker, if not mistaken it only opens on Sundays.

  2. organic sultana scones made using organic stoneground flours are great from Craft Bakers, Block D2-G3-05 Solaris Dutamas (near Publika) open 6 days a week. Look for Craft Bakers Malaysia on fb