Monday, June 6, 2011

Coffee Famille (Revisited)

I visited Coffee Famille again early last month (yes I know it's long ago).
The weather was so hot that I wanna leave my apartment to somewhere that is cooling.
Actually not really, I wanted a different space apart from my room, with coffee, hehe. Yeah, need some inspiration or else my brain is stuck.
I had their cappuccino last time, so I tried latte.
Smooth, fragrant, milky. 
Chenyee would love this, but I still prefer cappuccino.

I wanted to have cake, but unfortunately they hadn't prepare with any that day.
They suggested coffee brulee instead.
I gave it a try as I never had any before. I couldn't even recall if I had normal creme brulee anywhere else as I'm not a fan of dessert.

 Once it's served, I could smell the strong fragrant of coffee. 
Ehhmm, nice~
The texture was smooth. The grated orange/lemon skin did bring some freshness to it.
And it's not too sweet as to my liking.
The portion also just nice for me, too much of sweetness will make me sick (as in geli la).

Refer to my previous post for their info.

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