Saturday, June 18, 2011

New in town: Antipodean Cafe, Telawi Bangsar

Antipodes is a way of referring to Australia and New Zealand, often used in a humorous way. So antipodean is the adjective.

I got to know about this cafe when I noticed a friend went there quite often, and I was curious about it. So it's actually quite new in the area.
Then only I learned that it's hailing all the way from Jakarta.
They used only coffee roasted by Indonesia's top specialty roaster, Merdeka Coffee.

I was thinking who to invite for a coffee session on a Saturday evening when I was in the mood to swing all the way to Bangsar to visit this cafe.
Lucky enough sw and hm were there in Bangsar for shopping, so 'let's meet there la' I said.


Looking up from my seat is the menu. 
But needless for second thought, I will always go for cappuccino first. 
I know, but it's my kinda benchmark for cafe. =)

Here's my lovely cappuccino (RM8) with blueberry muffin which is also at the same price.
I'd no complain for the coffee, but kinda pricey for a muffin though, as it didn't taste extraordinary for me. 

This is piccolo latte (RM7) ordered by sw in a smaller cup.
(This photo also taken by her as I missed the photo)
She enjoyed it. 

We enjoyed the moment too. =)

Antipodean Cafe
No. 20, Jalan Telawi 2,
59100 KL.
Tel/fax: 03-22820411

posite points on the globe.

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