Friday, June 10, 2011

Namaste, TTDI

Namaste, a greeting word which is commonly used in India.
Sounds so serene to me as one will tend to say it out softly/politely. A beautiful word.

I'm not going to teach about Indian word here, it's an Indian restaurant that I'd visited twice so far.
I love Indian food for the curry, pappadam and naan.
Oh, and mango lassi. =)

We were here on last Saturday.
Must be because it's a Saturday + public holiday, it was a full house soon after we had our table.
Of course, the good food counts too.
We had vegetable briyani set, RM9.90.
The portion is so big that can feed both of us.
During my first visit, I ordered this and chenyee ordered fish briyani set. In the end we had to pack the leftover because we just couldn't finish them!
So this time, we thought we played smart by ordering only one set of this with other side dishes.

For side dishes, we had masala thosai, RM3.90.

Hiding inside the thosai was some potatoes and carrots in gravy.
Nice! I hardly eat thosai as it's too...bare and small portion. But this one with filling totally won me over~

I'm a fan of plain naan with curry. 
I've never had cheese naan before, and many people told that it's nice, hence my order for this.
But I thought the cheese is supposed to be inside the naan?
What we had here (RM5.90) was with grated cheese OUTSIDE the naan. Nothing inside, totally plain.
It's not complete when the cheese is not melting.
Hmm..I was joking that I should walk to Devi's Corner at the other end of the shoplot to have the normal cheese naan.

So we still packed half the portion of the briyani rice because we,again, were too full after the side dishes.
I'll come back again whenever I crave for Indian food with reasonable price, nice and air-conditioned environment.

No. 4, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000, KL.
tel: 03-77241195


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