Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ristretto, 10 Mont Kiara (revisited)

On a few occasion, to be correct.

This is a place where we had our coffee break and short meeting, sometimes for lunch and dinner.

day A with cappuccino,

with vegetable pie. Lots of cheese here~

Day B also started with cappuccino...

and the oh-so-good omelet croissant!

Another cappuccino on day C. Notice that all the latte art were different? =)

 Club sandwich, MS's favourite.
Aglio olio, but with chicken? 
I did ask for without chicken's, but I think they forgot and still added in.
But not bad for a new style like that.


  1. drooling now =P
    what is the price? expensivE?

  2. Hi ahdar~
    cappuccino is only at RM5. The meal is about RM10-20 each, consider reasonable. =)