Thursday, December 27, 2012

My way of eating chee cheong fun

Whenever I'm back in SP, my mom will ask me "what's for breakfast?" before sleeping, so that they could get me something from the morning market.

If not loh kuey teow (flat noodles in black soy sauce gravy), I will sometimes go for something light, such as chee cheong fun.

My favourite breakfast at home with black coffee.
This one was quite good with chilli. Very spicy indeed.
My mom said the one selling this is a quiet and hardworking lady. She has good business but still wearing a smile all the time and remembers every orders she received.
She must be enjoying it very much. :)

Back to chee cheong fun.
I use to spend very long time eating it, not that they are in big portion.
It's because I love to unroll each of the cut pieces to let every parts to have sauce on them.
It tastes better like that.
And of course I wouldn't want to finish a great meal in a quick way, would you?

I wonder if there's someone eating chee cheong fun like me. XD


  1. chiayee, i'm eating like u..
    unroll first.. then eat.. heheh~