Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas fun!

We just can't get enough of makan party!

Here we go again, using Christmas as the reason. :)

I made these props for fun!
Love the Rudolf's red nose~

Nice decor at KL's house. Hippo joined us for the fun too!

Skewers prepared by the house owner. 

Pretty and healthy salad by Choi Yen.

Our kinda healthy dinner.
Pumpkin soup by KL to pair up with wholemeal and kraftkorn bread I bought from The Baker's Son;
Tortilla wraps prepared by XY and her bf;
Spinach pie by Michelle.

Lovely cake by Michelle, and also those handmade little decor on the cake!


The first time I tried Hoegaarden, not too bad.
Ok, we are all grown-ups ya, kids don't drink.

*Serious advice: Moderate drinking, don't drink until drunk and drive, k.

Gift exchange for fun!

And great that I've got what I like:
A sketchbook from Michelle, yeah!

And thanks to KL for the mini photos, that's so sweet of you. ;)
Our sweet memories indeed~

Us in Christmas mood.
Photo by Jack.

Merry Christmas and lets welcome year 2013!