Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pot luck at my place

Reason for a party?

It could be house warming, or maybe someone's birthday.
Who cares, as long as we enjoy. :D

So a food party it is!

Organic snacks bought from Cold Storage with red pepper dips I made!
I learned that from this class.

I love it very much!

Michelle's baked chicken (and delicious potatoes) with raisin rice.
Many people talked about the sexy chicken, haha~
Ya, it does look sexy.

Garden salad by KL.
Fresh, colourful and nice spicy dressing.

Watermelon, grape and feta cheese salad.
It's not only looking amazing, it tasted great too.

 One of the classic party food -sandwich, it's here too!
Prepared by XY.
Kimchi soup was cooked by Choiyen at my place that morning. It proved to be the most popular dish as it's cleared up so soon before I could get my second bowl of it!
Good job Choiyen~

KS, the celebrated one, prepared the ice-cream in this oh-so-nice way!
Scooping the ice-cream (even if it's just the normal one) into the coconut -and somemore still with flesh- and topped with almond flakes.
Who wouldn't want this? ;)

 My coffee with heart shape marshmallow brought by KL.
Ah, lovely enough just by looking at it.

 Sesame cake from RT Pastry House sponsored by KL.
This bakery never failed to impress us with its products especially cakes. :)


  1. I love your blog . Thank you :)

    1. Awww, thanks sweety! :)

      Just drop by as often as you like~

  2. My kimchi soup didn't get mentioned *sob*sob*
    PS: Kidding lah!

    1. Aiks! I did recheck if I missed out anyone. Sorry! Added in already, thanks for reminding me~ :D