Thursday, January 22, 2015

Coutume Cafe, Paris

My first cafe experience in Paris and it was a lovely one.

I came here on the day I reached Paris from London, but I was too late.
I was here near 7pm which is the end of their business hour of the day.

So I tried again on the next day, and I successfully fit myself in for lunch while the cafe was almost full house.

I sat at the side counter which is next to the staircase leading to kitchen at basement.
So I got to watch the staffs sending the food up.

I had soup with bread first, and I already half full after finishing it.

Single origin, forgot what did I ordered, but it was great.

My sandwich with smoked fish.

47 rue de Babylone 7e Paris

Tue-Fri 8.00-19.00, 
Sat -Sun 10.00-19.00 

Métro : Saint-François-Xavier ou Sèvres - Babylone

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