Sunday, December 22, 2013

Feeka Coffee Roasters, Jalan Mesui

Another 'baby' by the founder of Food Foundry and Butter & Beans -Feeka Coffee Roasters.

It's situated on a Jalan Mesui, a busy place on weekdays and turns into a quiet neighbourhood on non-working days.

We were here on a Saturday after one week from they started business.

By 1pm, it was still a quiet place with a few tables occupied.
About 3pm, the place was full already.

I love the sunlight coming from the void.

Before we changed to a bigger table- 2 cappuccinos, 1 soymilk cappuccino, lemon poppy seed cake and olive oil walnut carrot cake.
I could still recall the taste of the lemon poppy seed cake now. Nice ;)

Only after we got all our order on the table, we found out the table was too small.
So we moved.

Thanks to Joseph for treating us beetroot salad, it was awesome!
We were lucky as they were just introduced the hot meals on the day we visited Feeka.

19, Jalan Mesui , 
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110 4599

8.30am-12am daily 

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