Monday, December 9, 2013

Flight meal -vegan vegetarian

I selected vegan vegetarian meals during my return flight for KL-Kansai.

I didn't take any photo, but I sketched them on my little sketch book.
I quite enjoy doodling like that although it took longer time than taking photo. :)

 First up was a bun with smashed chickpea filling and orange juice.
I was watching movie while eating this, before I slept at around 2am.

So I was awaken by the light around 4am when the flight attendants served breakfast.
As mine was a special meal, I got it earlier than anyone else.

I was surprised to see cous cous, yeah!

The flight I took from Kansai was a late morning flight.
So after an hour taking off, we were served lunch.
I had pasta this time with some vege and, chickpea again.

Okla, maybe vegan meal has quite limited ingredient to use.

When I was served sandwich for tea time, boy I was a little dissapointed.
Chickpea, again?
Well, I'm sure there are a lot more thing can be used. Potato, carrot, beetroot or even cabbage.

Anyway, I wrote feedback to them.
I'm flying with them again next April. Let see if they improve it.
Hoping for the best but still, thanks for serving vegetarian meal!

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