Monday, December 23, 2013

The Alley, 5 Stewart Lane

The Alley, opened its door since mid of November, has something different from other cafes in Penang.
Apart from serving coffee, churros and cronut are their specialty.

I'm not a fan of churros as I find it sweet other than...sweet.
Yeah, I don't fancy sweet stuff.
However, I'm glad that The Alley serves churros that is slimmer and not all too sweet.
It has the crunchiness on the outside and still soft inside, as well as with a hint of saltiness.
*kudos to you guys*

I like that -soup of the day!

They just introduced cronut on the week I was there.
That's macadamia nuts on top, served with syrup.

Thanks to Ping for reserving the cronut and prepared it before I reached.
That's already sweet enough~ ;)
I couldn't finish the normal serving of churros, but I requested to taste some, hence the presentation with only 2 sticks of them.

Eat them with black coffee, perfect!

 I got to taste their new cake too -lemon cheesecake.
It was very much like Japanese style cheesecake, very soft and fluffy texture.

The cozy corner at the back.

Locate them right behind the famous Kuan Imm Temple, just a few walking steps away. :)

5, Stewart Lane, 
10200 George Town, Penang.
Tel: 04-261 3879

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