Sunday, December 8, 2013

Healthy dinner in Kyoto -おうちごはん ここら屋, 御幸町南店

This is one of the surprise find in Kyoto.
We walked along the street to look for a cafe, but we were hungry already.
We saw this wooden shop with fresh looking vegetables displayed at the entrance.
We were curious and checked out the menu.

Interesting, we thought.

Nice hand written menu with pretty drawings too.
They write in English at the bottom of every single items.

Fresh and raw vegetables with sea salt as entrée.
 We thought it was a complimentary one, but found out we were charged 300yen per person for this.

We had this grilled vegetables to share. (990yen)
And the fun part was we did the grilling ourselves! :)

We were only served with a sauce and sea salt.
I guess this is the way to bring out the real taste and freshness from the vegetables.

It was a unique dining experience for us.

The only down side is -we were still hungry. Lol.
No worry, stay tune to the next post as we headed to another cool place, and eating again.

Tel: 075-255-1068

Their website

*They have 4 outlets in Kyoto and one outlet in Tokyo.


  1. I found that vegetables are very difficult to be grilled >.<

    1. Maybe it' s not easy to detect the difference.
      But ok for me, I thought it's quite fun~