Thursday, January 3, 2013

Butter + Beans at Seventeen

First, I saw an update from the interior decorator about this new cafe.
Then, a friend visited and posted some nice photos of it.
After that, another friend shared the page of this new cafe, saying that I might wanna visit soon.

So I landed in Section 17 on one weekday evening after getting all these buzzes. :)

It was quite easy to locate the tiny cafe if you're familiar with Happy Mansion.
You will find it first before reaching Food Foundry which is located at the row behind Butter+Beans.

The big part of the interior dedicates to the counter for serving and preparation area.
I guess that is one comfortable zone for the staffs to prepare food and drinks.
Only limited seats provided in the cafe and the tables are quite small too.
It's ok for the time being as they only serve pastries and drinks now.

 I particularly love the door!

It's already late evening, not much pastries left on the display.
 I saw croissant, but not almond croissant though.
I would love to try if it's the latter.
They also sell bread on the racks behind.
I already bought my bread for the next day, so i skipped that.
I would wanna buy some on my next visit.

Glossy black wall tiles looking gorgeous!

My default drink for every first visit to new cafe, cappuccino (RM9).
A great one, Neil! 
I always like my coffee to have a little hint of bitterness, with the nice smell and smooth milk/ soymilk to blend in. Just nice. :)

I had raspberry orchid cake (RM10) to go with it.
I thought it looked dry to me when it's served on my table.
It tasted rather sweet on the first bite, but after a few more bites, it's not that sweet anymore.
And actually it's moist enough inside, and goes well with the crumbs on top.

I finished this whole slice by myself in no time!

Butter + Beans at Seventeen
BG- 1a, Happy Mansion, 
Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, 
46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7954 4822
Mon - Sun: 08:30 - 20:30


  1. No others food except pastry, bread & coffee?

    1. For this moment, yes. But you can go for Food Foundry at the row behind (under same management) for food first, then come back for coffee. :)

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  3. this cafe really attractive!