Sunday, January 20, 2013

Namoo On The Park (2nd visit)

The 2 K-pop fans in my family craved for bing-soo (Korean style shaved ice dessert), so we braved the rain on one weekday night to Publika just to have that. (O.o)

 Sweet potato latte. We're being adventurous to order this not knowing how it tasted.
Something might be a disaster, we thought.

But surprisingly,  it was GOOD!
Its creamy texture combining with the nice fragrant of sweet potato, a pleasant one I must say.

Kimchi fried rice. A bit spicy, but no worry it's tasty.


 The dish of the day- bing soo!
Not for me, though.
I thought it was crazy to have this on a cooling rainy night.
But the 2 girls were enjoying themselves. ;P

Sweet potato cake with ice cream.
I had this too on my last visit, still as good!

Happy that all the meals we had for this visit were all good.


  1. Oh...u make me crave for kimchi fried rice >.<

    1. Haha, luckily kimchi fried rice is available at almost every corner in the city~