Sunday, January 27, 2013

Butter+Beans revisited

My second visit here on a weekday afternoon.
The bigger signage can be seen now on the black colour blind. :)

Cute writing on the DB box.

Salmon quiche, RM10. 
Not bad, but before I could really fill up my tummy, it's gone already.  

Still great!

I bought garlic ciabata too.
I'll show you in another post.


I came again with sis before heading to a photography exhibition on one Sunday morning.

We had breakfast outdoor this time while enjoying the cooling weather with drizzle in the morning.

 As usual, my cappuccino,

 and her latte.

Totally forgotten what are the names of the pastries, one with apricot and another one with peach.
The top one tasted a bit like their raspberry orchid cake, must be because of the texture. Other than that, I couldn't really recall how they actually tasted.

My first visit post here.

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