Monday, January 21, 2013

Nando's serves vege meal!

This is certainly a surprise!
I was in a shopping mall in Klang for lunch while waiting for client.
We were undecided what to eat, and we stopped in front of Nandos.

We were like "Hmm, maybe we can try since long time never had meal there."

I wasn't keen on eating the main meal (as in chicken la) and thought maybe I'll just have tortilla wrap which contains less meat.
So I found there's vegetables wrap in the menu~woo!

The wrap -grilled vegetables with hot peri-peri sauce.
The wrap only is RM9.90+ but I added one side dish that was garlic bread, so total RM13.90+.
Also, a lot of side dishes are vege-friendly too.

Isn't it nice? :)


  1. hihihi,
    long time i didnt have meal at nandos too,
    find one day i will go there again =)

    1. Hello there!
      Yeah, I hardly indulge there too, but knowing they serve vege meal will make me glad to dine there~ :)